The Digital Marketing Effectiveness Module

Discover why customers gave you the click-off on their digital purchasing journey

Brand recall
Are digital consumers aware of you?

Validate your marketing activities by tracking your brand recognition compared to competitors through unprompted recall, along with prompted brand awareness. Understand the position of new players in the market or your own brand strength

Do consumers prefer you or a competitor?

Map your online attraction and how likely consumers are to select your brand in each of your key markets. Are you being considered by consumers and to which competitors are you losing market share? We also enable you to understand the preferences consumers give brands after visiting aggregator sites

Competitor intelligence
Sales funnel
How does your sales funnel compare with competitors?

You can determine the strengths and weaknesses of your brand, messaging and customer experience against your competitors as they consider your products

What journeys do consumers take to make purchase decisions?

Access how consumers really look for your products online. What type of sites do they view and how often are they visiting your site - or your competitors. How does behaviour differ by segment and what are the main paths that consumers take? All these answers can be found in Digital Marketing Effectiveness

customer journey
research processes
What's important to your prospects when buying your product?

Discover how your customers prefer to research your products, what they need, the process they use and over what period they make their decisions. What content is needed to build consideration behaviour, what type of devices they would use and when they would look for price or get a quote...? and many more answers.

Market insights advisor
Your Global Reviews Advisor

You will be allocated your own dedicated advisor to support you during your subscription, to help you understand how to get the best from our data and answer your questions when required

How we do it

A scientific, customer experience and sales journey measurement tool that uses four consumer and best practice inputs to score and diagnose.

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