The Digital Sales Effectiveness Module

Know the issues that 95% of your customers will experience & benchmark your sales journeys against competitors

Access reliable sales journey performance metrics & track progress over time

Access an array of digital customer experience and sales journey metrics and scores all in the one place. Track your performance over time. Digital Sales Score, Satisfaction, System Usability Scale, Customer Effort Score & our own metric Web Promoter Score are all available.

Identify the issues that 95% of your prospects will experience

With up to 60 individual scores across five levels within our benchmark structure, access important customer metrics that represent your customer experience and sales journeys. Obtain a detailed diagnostic of your performance which allows you to deep dive into problem areas or understand your performance metrics against each of your competitors

Explore direct customer feedback for each of your product sales journeys

Access consumer behavioural, attitudinal & audit inputs, including voice of customer feedback about your online journeys. Understand whether the customer was satisfied, struggled or faced issues during the experience. Our individual journey stages explore major themes in the consumer journey in order to provide a view of how consumers evaluate the experience you provide relative to the industry

Benchmark your end-to-end sales journey against competitor & track your advantage

No other benchmark gives you the complete picture of your competitor landscape along the consumer decision journey with multiple consumer inputs and a best practice audit. Obtain all the same customer metrics and journey scores for each of your competitors within your market to help determine where and why in the journey they're performing stronger

Your Global Reviews Advisor

You will be allocated your own dedicated advisor to support you during your subscription, to help you understand how to get the best from our data and answer your questions when required

How we do it

A scientific, customer experience and sales journey measurement tool that uses four consumer and best practice inputs to score and diagnose.


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