• Only Global Reviews continuously mines user consideration data on the end-to-end purchase cycle, across all key players in your industry AND against a best practice customer journey framework
  • We measure the impact of key business drivers (ie. Products/Service/Proposition/Value) on consumer preference and sales performance
  • We measure how easy it is for a customer to buy from you when they're in the market to purchase
  • We measure your performance against key competitors, locally and globally, using a totally independent and reliable measurement framework.
  • We measure the multi-channel as well as the devices (mobile, PC, tablet) your customers prefer
  • The struggles that 95% of your customers will experience when doing business with you online
  • Why customers behave like they do and 'why' they make the decisions they make when touching your brand
  • What is important to your customer when they're looking to buy from you, or be served by you
  • Where your processes and systems are negatively impacting the customer and sales, and why
  • Whether you're leveraging the strengths of each customer (interaction) channel
  • Who within your competitor set is best at winning your target customer, and why
  • We will define where and how you can reduce customer effort and improve your sales and service journeys
  • We will identify the opportunities you have to can gain ground against your competitors
  • We will identify the real factors that are influencing sales and provide you with best practice examples and techniques that drive conversion outcomes and ROI
  • We will work together with your internal team, along with your chosen external partners
  • The Global Reviews Portal is available 24/7 to help you make decisions just-in-time
  • Share metrics and reports with management, with your team and agencies
  • Analyse and segment results and behaviours by your target customer profiles
  • Create a picture of your invisible customer - the customer you don't ever see
  • Map your competitive landscape to identify opportunities for competitive advantage.

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