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What it measures
  • How many existing customers, who are in market for another product, you are losing to a competitor that you could and should have won
  • Why your cross sales experience didn't encourage your customers to buy and to which competitor you lost them to
  • The quality and effectiveness of the experience you are providing online with real world conversion metrics
What you get
  • Understanding of the competitor and market forces that are influencing purchasing decisions
  • Identification of prioritised changes to your site and app (mobile, desktop and native app) that will have the greatest impact on conversions
  • Learnings from the best globally - 500 companies - multi country, multi industry
Helping you win more of the existing customers that are...
  • Actively in-market to buy another product
  • Actively researching providers online
  • Actively obtaining pricing information that matches their needs
  • Naming your company as being in the mix to be their provider of choice
  • Deciding, at the final shage, to buy from one of your competitors instead of you


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