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Performance dashboards

Access company and product-level dashboards to track key brand, sales, customer experience, marketing and advocacy metrics at a glance

Track your performance

View results across multiple periods to track your performance over time. Use the results to identify what's working and to set priorities


Ask questions of your Global Reviews Advisor


Your Global Reviews Advisor is only ever a click away. There will always be times when you need a little helping hand and our industry experts are ready and waiting


Report on your competitors, learn from their strengths

Compare your performance at a glance and use our visualisations and reports to identify where they're outperforming you.


Filter results for your target audience

Get to know your audience better through powerful filters, segmenting demographics, behaviours and attitudes. Save off the filters to view at a later time!


Share information with your stakeholders

Use the share report feature to communicate with colleagues, other managers and your external agencies. Use the download feature to save charts in to your presentations


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