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1. Define a calendar

Research data is collected and refreshed on a defined schedule throughout a year (typically quarterly or half yearly).

2. Capture the data

We ask consumers, who are in the market to buy your product, to complete tasks and answer questions. See the two methods below. Each year we capture data on over 500 brands & 35,000 consumers.

3. Check, cleanse & score

Data is checked, cleansed, aggregated  & scored using  our unique IP, aggregation algorithms and tools.

4. Publish to Portal

Marketing & Sales Effectiveness data, scores and insights are made available to subscribing clients via the Global Reviews Portal, 24/7 anywhere in the world.

5. Analyse, present & prioritise

Our industry experts analyse your data and present results and priorities via structured Insights Activation & Optimisation Programmes>.

6. Measure again

A few months later, we will be back out in market speaking with your customers again. The cycle continues to track performance and ensure continuous improvement.

Digital Sales Effectiveness Benchmark

Global Reviews has been benchmarking digital customer experiences for nearly 14 years.

A scientific evaluation of your digital sales journeys

The Digital Sales Effectiveness Benchmark is a competitive analysis of an industry’s website experience using four types of data inputs for a holistic view of a prospective customer journey from product consideration, through to application or purchase. The benchmark uses our proprietary '4CE' methodology, incorporating qualitative and quantitative inputs. 4CE breaks down the customer journey into phases, stages, categories and sub-categories to allow for ‘deep dive’ analysis into the individual elements within the sales funnel.

The research inputs

Behavioural data is collected using remote behavioural tracking and usability techniques to explore themes and trends within selected journey-based 'categories' with a sample of at least 200 participants from the general online adult population. These consumer behavioural inputs relate directly to the category structure of the benchmark to build a richer, more rounded view of that website's ability to provide an effective, efficient and satisfying experience.

Measuring best practice alignment for your product and industry leverages an audit framework, against hundreds of specific criteria that define critical features (e.g. page layout and design, navigation pathways, content quality) and functions (e.g. calculators, wizards, error handling). Scores for each criteria are aggregated into sub-categories and categories.

Scores and metrics

For each subscriber to the Digital Sales Effectiveness Module (DSE), we capture data from at least 50 participants on their website to analyse the customer journey, capturing effectiveness and efficiency metrics, heat-maps and click path analysis to uncover issues and other important learnings focused on reducing customer effort and optimising conversion performance. Global Reviews’ best practice features and functions audit is created and weighted based on annual consumer surveys using sample of 400-600 participants to represent the needs and importance of online elements when consumers research and/or purchase within the specified industry.

All the input scores are weighted using refined, proprietary algorithms that when applied, diagnose where in the sales journey pain points exist, and opportunities lie to improve customer experience and sales performance.

Digital Marketing Effectiveness

The Digital Marketing Effectiveness Module (DME) is derived from our research programme which tracks the behaviour and attitudes of prospective customers as they shop online for a product and how well brands convert consumers from brand recognition to consideration.

We track a consumer's pathway from consideration to preference

The research maps the online sales funnel beyond what can be seen by a company’s usual analytics systems, in order to compare brand performance against competitors and to provide insights as into where and why in the acquisition process the company may be excluded from the consumers consideration set.

Consumers are given a ‘needs-based' task based on the product and 'let loose' online as we track their entire experience. We track just about everything, including the terms used during searching and all site types visited. Consumers are unprompted and begin their journey from a blank 'browser' screen.

We're focused on consumers who are in market to buy that product

The minimum sample of participants for each study round is 200 adults aligned to national averages for age and gender, but can be increased and customised for additional segmentation or profiling. It excludes consumers who are not in market (for the product being researched). We capture pre-task brand questions such as brand recall & initial preferences and follow participant behaviour with a post-task questionnaire to track preferences and needs - accompanied with "WHY" they made these decisions.

Scores and metrics

The DME module allows subscribers to filter and segment data based on questions asked during the study or profile based on behaviour and provides measures of the following against ALL competitors in the study. Metrics provided and calculated include:

  • Brand Recall Score (%)
  • Brand Awareness Score (%)
  • Shortlist Score (%)
  • Website Visitors (%)
  • Initial Preference Score (%)
  • Final Preference Score (%)
  • Recall to Visits (% movement)
  • Visitation v Shortlist (% movement) 
  • Shortlist v Preference (% movement)
  • Recall Retention (%)
  • Lost Opportunity (%)
  • Visit Conversion (%)



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